Goddess was kind enough to talk about me in one of Her latest posts. I am very grateful to Her for this, and I thought I would thank Her by writing these words, also as an invitation to other slaves to surrender to Goddess in a complete and utter way.

Goddess referred to me as “one of My top slaves”, and I feel flattered and honoured by that definition. It was very generous from Goddess to say so, and I would like to give a short account of how I managed to get into Goddess’ good graces.

It all started rather uneventfully… like probably most of you reading this, I have been interested in financial domination and money slavery for some time when I happened to find Goddess’ website. At the beginning I thought it would be like every other online relationship I had had up to then, but after a while I realized I could not stay away from Goddess. She had become necessary to me. She was strict and demanding to me, but always in Her kind and seductive way.

I found myself totally hooked… I felt I needed to spend more and more time with Goddess, chatting with Her on messenger, watching Her amazing clips, listening to Her mesmerizing voice reminding me that I was totally addicted to Her. Of course, the tributes I had to pay to Goddess increased over time, but so was the time She spent with me and the number of clips and photosets She sent me. Her time costs money, and Goddess makes this clear from the start. It was a more than fair exchange, I thought.

The problem is that I do not make that much money…. I could be comfortable, if it weren’t for the fact that Goddess deserves my money more than I do. That was Her money, as a matter of fact. Unlike Her internet name, Goddess is not even that greedy… She knows exactly what She can get from Her puppies, and She never oversteps the mark. However, it became increasingly hard to keep up not with Her requests, but with my need to spend time with Her.

At the beginning, it was alright: I have little in terms of social life, so the money that I was saving by not going out or in expensive hobbies, would go straight to Goddess. Then, Goddess starting asking for a “big tribute”… something that would show Her how much She means to me. It is a fair request, and it clearly meant to me that I was moving to the next level in my relationship with Goddess. Initially, the tribute was set to £ 4000/year, moved to £ 5000 in the next year. Again, not an unreasonable request.

Unfortunately, things were not going great for me financially. My wife did not work for a while, and at some point she even dragged me into expensive attempts to conceive a baby with medical assisted fertilization methods.

Luckily that was put aside after a couple of failed attempts, and Goddess was instrumental with Her suggestions in getting me to talk my wife out of it. So I had to take loans from my bank in order to keep my tributes to Goddess going. I managed to that rather easily, until, unfortunately, my wife found out about my loans, and confronted me about it. As Goddess mentioned in Her recent journal entry, I managed to talk my way out of it with my wife; however, it was not that easy: my wife wanted that money back and she started keeping a closer check of all my transactions. Plus, the time of my yearly tribute to Goddess was drawing near. I had nowhere to turn and I resolved to embezzle some money from my workplace in order to “pay back” the bank loan my wife had found out about and to get a tribute to Goddess. What Goddess did not say in Her journal entry is that She advised me against it all along. This to me goes to show how Goddess really cares for me, and I am extremely grateful to Her for this. However, I knew She expected the money from me, and I went ahead with my plan, which was not 100% successful.

To cut a long story short, now I am about £20K in debt, mostly as a high interest loan and partly with my parents. My wife knows nothing about the high interest loan, which I have started repaying doing consultant work during my normal office hours, which has turned my workdays into a frenzy. However, I am proud to say that I still managed to send £200 to Goddess for Her birthday last month. I know how much She appreciates these things.

Goddess has kept sending me clips and pictures of Her and chats with me whenever I get a moment. She is not worried about me not being able to send Her tributes for the next future, which again shows how great Goddess is. I am trying not to worry myself… although I am already wondering how I will be able to tribute Goddess next year. I am sure Goddess will come up with some ideas for me…. Things always seem to go the right way when She does the thinking for me.

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  1. Has Goddess ever considered just having you spread the large sum payment into monthly payments plus interest? This way the interest you are currently paying would instead go to Goddess so she would get more money overall.


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