Missing out…

The new EXCLUSIVE group is going very well. Myself and My Lady friends are having a great time with the losers that have joined so far. We have a little ‘smallest penis’ competition…           With all the Ladies having a good laugh obviously…       A few treats here and […]

The Place to Be….

Exciting things have been happening while youve been busy masturbating… Goddess has made a secret group on facebook….and exclusive group with Myself, and a few of My real life female friends… My friends arent Dommes..they dont know much about the scene…but they are all strong Ladies, who love to use men….and they are having a […]

Wish List

There are a few items on My Amazon wish list that I want right away. Get them.             My Wish List can be found HERE Update: All these items have been bought by alame my foot freak…but there are plenty more items for you to buy..

Webcam sessions

Well boys its your lucky day. Theres only one thing more perfect than seeing Goddess on webcam, and that is to see Goddess on webcam…along with 2 other gorgeous British Dommes…. Goddess Miss Kelly and Goddess Candika. To book, you must message Me. To be able to view you must firstly have skype, and more […]


Goddess was kind enough to talk about me in one of Her latest posts. I am very grateful to Her for this, and I thought I would thank Her by writing these words, also as an invitation to other slaves to surrender to Goddess in a complete and utter way. Goddess referred to me as […]