A footslaves Devotion

Devotion to Goddess Greed

It all started about 2 years ago when browsing the web, I stumbled upon

Goddess Greed site and now I feel so lucky that I did. Despite having no

interest in financial domination, after about 10 minutes of looking her site, I

found myself downloading this clip “your journey to ruin has begun, foot freak


I was very impressed by her arrogance and sensuality and mesmerized by her

amazing feet, seductive voice and devilish smile. At that moment, all I wanted

was to kneel at her feet, to kiss them, lick them, and worship her like a true

goddess. I watched the clip over and over again and then I went to buy more,

feeling the need to see more and more

The next day, I bought Goddess’s yahoo Id and I had my first interview . I

said clearly that I am not into financial domination but I’d like to worship

her feet on cam. She advised me to become a member and follow her webcam

sessions as I did immediately.

There was not a day without visiting her site, watching photos and clips… I

sneak out of bed at all times of the night to watch the photos and clips…I

started to neglect friends, relatives, wife and even my children. I told

Goddess what was happening to me and I asked what I should do. She replied:

“You are Fucked, You need me now and you can no more stay without me”.

Her words struck me, was not what I wanted, I was confused and afraid to throw

away my real life.

I tried to go back to my normal life and close this parenthesis: sports again,

friends, relatives… but I have never been able to stave off the goddess of my

head. She was more than ever present, the more time passed the more I realized

my need for her. I needed to see her, to hear from her… so I went back on her

website to read all the news and to buy all her clips and photos, including 12

step program, and I realized admitting to myself that She is everything I

wanted and I can’t wait to submit to her…. I

I want to give her everything I have and everything I’ve ever worked for …I am

going to give her all the power over my life… because life is only meaningful

under Goddess Greed’s feet.

Your Footslave

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