Im sure you all know how it feels to be obsessed. Kuk certainly does. As one of My top slaves, kuk was expected to send his usual £5000 a couple of months ago, but he had a problem. Wifey had found out about the bank loan he got for last years tribute.  He had managed […]

A footslaves Devotion

Devotion to Goddess Greed It all started about 2 years ago when browsing the web, I stumbled upon Goddess Greed site and now I feel so lucky that I did. Despite having no interest in financial domination, after about 10 minutes of looking her site, I found myself downloading this clip “your journey to ruin […]

Lazy Days on you…

Now that the nice weather is finally here, My days are mainly spent at the stables with My dogs and Horses. Your days will stay the same…working hard earning lots of lovely cash for Me. And of course boys like you pay for My lifestyle…My horses were bought by freaks….   My puppy was bought […]