‘When i came to Goddess Greed i was naive, i had messed around with other Niteflirt ‘Blackmail’ Mistresses before, but i soon found the rush went and realised it was me doing all the work in my head. So when I came to Goddess Greed i stupidly told her a secret straight away thinking it wouldn’t matter that much.
I couldn’t of been more wrong, within a few minutes of suggesting i found blackmail hot I told her i wasn’t sure if i wanted to give her my address, She turned round and told me it didn’t matter, she already knew where i lived, and she really did! My heart started pounding and my stomach knotted, ‘how did she know’ ‘what else did she know about me’. It was AMAZING, I was totally powerless and all I had done was mention the word ‘Blackmail’.
I’m now helplessly addicted to Goddess, Struggling to sleep, Having to check her blog when i wake up and go to sleep, Thinking about her all day. And i can honestly say its the best feeling!
The smallest thing started my addiction and I’m glad it did.’

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