Still here freaks?

Coming back day after day even though I havent written a post in over a month? ha ha.

You really are addicted arent you..

Anyway, important things first….like My Birthday, on Sunday. I will expect lots of cash and gifts, and you know I always get what I want.

Later today or tomorrow I may post treats for you to buy…..

Jay decided he wasnt going to send a gift for My Birthday. Hes such a silly boy isnt he?

Youd think he would have made a special effort after ignoring My messages for the last couple weeks…..but no, he insists that hes on a counselling ‘program’ and he wont be ‘playing’

This would suggest to me, that what hes saying is that he wont be sending as he wont get any fun out of it. How terribly selfish. Im sure he wasnt trained to be so disobedient.  Jay, you send money because I want it. Its fun for ME. If you end up getting a little fun out of it too then thats a bonus…if you dont its tough…but you still do it. I think thats a pretty simple thing to remember….

Needless to say he must be punished until he sees the error of his ways.

Update:  I awoke this morning to find several emails from Jay, and £200 in My paypal…how very sweet!


Oh I forgot to show you this…it amused Me..



Goddess loves a tryer!!!!

I have now given useless matt the yahoo ID of another boring slave that I ignore, so they can annoy the fuck out of each other…and just pop up every so often to pay me!

2 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Honored Goddess,

    what I do not understand is that you state it is NOT necessary the slave is getting fun from paying his mistress. Isn´t that the very reason he pays? To get a kick out of the paying process? Has it not been that thing you implanted into him? Isn´t your concept about exploiting the fetishes of your slave and using them to condition him in the way you desire?

    Bowing down to you,

    Stephen, an unknowing slave


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