‘When i came to Goddess Greed i was naive, i had messed around with other Niteflirt ‘Blackmail’ Mistresses before, but i soon found the rush went and realised it was me doing all the work in my head. So when I came to Goddess Greed i stupidly told her a secret straight away thinking it wouldn’t matter that […]

Lots for ME

Good morning losers, freaks, and general fuck ups…. Its My Birthday on Sunday, and I just know you wont be letting Me down with your generosity and stupidity… Im giving you a choice of 3 tribute amounts…chose wisely, you may get a treat after, depending on how you choose of course…         […]


Still here freaks? Coming back day after day even though I havent written a post in over a month? ha ha. You really are addicted arent you.. Anyway, important things first….like My Birthday, on Sunday. I will expect lots of cash and gifts, and you know I always get what I want. Later today or […]