Blackmailed and trapped

Dont those words sound so appealing freaks….

I bet alot of you regularly fantasise about being trapped….blackmailed with no way out….it makes that little cock so hard doesnt it.

Ive had some freaks write some reviews of My clips over the last few weeks…Here is one..

Blackmailed and Trapped

Whereas the title accurately summarises the film, I always think of it as the premature ejaculation clip. Who could watch it to the finish without losing it?

We sit within breathing distance of those barely covered legs for over fourteen minutes listening to Goddess at her most seductive and dangerous until, She shares the secret of becoming one of her “special slaves”. Before the clip was over this had become my sole and burning ambition.

It opens normally enough with Goddess wearing a crimson blouse and trademark short black skirt as She swivels on Her office chair: firstly sideways, then facing the camera.

Needless to say, these positions provide delightful views of Goddesses superb legs which She amplifies by Her fluid hand, arm and leg movement which, not only fully display these heavenly limbs, but draw maximum attention to them. There is only one thing you should be holding at this point and the clip has barely begun.

For most of the clip the camera position moves forward offering one of the closest sights of Goddesses thighs as in any of Her films. Her warm, well modulated voice, comparing our failings with Her perfection, makes our journey into total and abject submission seem so reasonable.

By the end of the clip absolute subservience is the only course to take as Goddess strips away from us any residual self-respect or control we might have had. The combination of hypnotic voice and erection inducing legs is compelling.

Do you want to become one of Goddesses special slaves?

One way on the other, it really is time to get a grip and, with this film, you surely will.

Click HERE to buy this clip. Run along quickly now and buy it….I really cant wait to start fucking with your mind….


Also a small devotion from a new slave….

‘Now it´s all about Goddess Greed

The next words are for the most incredible woman that I ever seen.

I start this new life with the only purpose to serve GG & with the only idea of how I can be a useful slave for her.

To read the rest visit My DEVOTIONS SITE 

Those of you who are patiently waiting for new clips and photo sets….I will hopefully get something done in the next week.

You may keep your loser fingers crossed, and hope that I find it in My heart to do something for you…

Perhaps if you all try harder to please ME, it may give Me some motivation to want to please you too….Im not feeling it right now.


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