Steal from wifey

Are you ready to do exactly what Goddess tells you to do? You know Goddess always gets what she wants, and this time will be no different.. Wifey can be terribly selfish, if she knew you send Me money she’d try to put a stop to it….so lets teach wifey a lesson. I want what […]

Perfection is back

Would you like a new photo set boys? Now you know better than that….you know you have to ask very nicely. Down on your knees and say ‘please Goddess’ Theres a good boy…. Photo set 66  11 photos…Goddess wearing My new shoes, bought by ‘useless’ one of My many losers. Im wearing a short black […]

Blackmailed and trapped

Dont those words sound so appealing freaks…. I bet alot of you regularly fantasise about being trapped….blackmailed with no way out….it makes that little cock so hard doesnt it. Ive had some freaks write some reviews of My clips over the last few weeks…Here is one.. Blackmailed and Trapped Whereas the title accurately summarises the […]