Oh look, I havent posted a journal entry for 2 weeks now…you poor boys must be getting terribly impatient.

Such a shame.

So, whats to tell you…not much really.

Im not sure you deserve to know too much right now…Im even considering making the majority of My journal posts pay to view.

Thatll be fun….

Anyway, I appeared on webcam last night, for the first time in a while. If you missed it Im considering putting it on again tonight…

In a couple of hours in fact.

Im also considering making it a much more regular thing.

If youre not a member the only way you can view webcam is pay per minute on ADULTWORK 

If you look down the page youll see it says ‘contact me’, and then ‘webcam via direct cam’.

It will tell you if Im online, when I was last online, and to check the box if you want to be informed when I go online. CHECK IT.

The site takes a little getting used to, so if you have any problems working anything out, let Me know, and Ill do My best to help you spend your money  work things out.

Ill post again soon…in the meantime, heres a photo to obsess over….




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