Photo Game…time to stroke!

Ok boys, were going to play a little game….

What youll need for this game is :

Your cock

Your wallet

Your stupidity.


You see anyone can play, its a simple game.

The Rules.

Firstly you buy a photo. The photo will be of Myself. Thats all you get to know about it. It could be face pic, legs, heels and pantyhose, feet….ANYTHING.

The pay mail from that photo will contain another photo….and so on.

You cannot access the next photo mail until you have paid for the previous.

There are 10 Photos altogether.

As your cock gets harder and harder from looking at My perfect photos, and knowing Im taking your money so easily yet again…you cant stop yourself from buying more…

Oh there is one small catch…The photos get more and more expensive.

Stroke your cock, and pay the mails, buy the photos…and you might just get a treat at the end…

How long can you keep clicking for!


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