Guilt, and leaving speeches….

What an amusing morning.

Ive always loved watching you slaves try to run, to escape, and then come crawling back…. but it is especially amusing when I watch you try to convince yourselves that youre leaving, and never coming back.

Maybe you boys have ganged up on Me and have made New years Resolutions together….well, you’re failing miserably.

Anyway, the 2 leaving speeches I had this morning have made My day. I think I shall probably smile for the whole morning.

mark: I’m tinkering with the idea of taking control of my finances

mark: You won’t like hearing that

mark: But I’m seriously broke

mark: Have spent thousands on financial domination over the years

mark: I think it’s time to stop

mark: If I can.


Ill let you all know how long it is until mark is back messaging Me….

Then there was keith…..

keith: i enjoyed our time togeter. it was thrilling, but my life actually doesn’t suck and i love my wife. i think i’m an experience junky/ i’m a composer and musician actually, so i tend to explore a lot.

keith: i want to thank you for a wonderful experience. but Ii will have to say goodby. highest regards. keith

goddessgreed: hahahaha

goddessgreed: ok, bye for now keith

keith8013: wow you have an evil side

goddessgreed: I find it very amusing when slaves say the goodbye speech

goddessgreed: but thats fine, you run along…

goddessgreed: and I promise Ill not laugh when you come crawling back

Then not even 5 mins later…

keith: i cant leave you…please send me another pay mail

keith: i thought i coujd…please

keith: i’m begging

thegoddessgreed: you have mail

keith: i’m fucked

goddessgreed: yes keith, I have a feeling you are

keith: i love You

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Now keith has a little problem, in that he feels guilty because he ‘loves his wife very much’.

I suspect this is a common problem with you boys.

So, heres the solution.

You have 2 choices firstly.

1) You quit financial domination, or whatever your fetish is.

2) You dont.

These 2 choices lead to more choices.

1) You quit and lead an unhappy boring life….you tell yourself youre happy with wifey and your cosy little life, but something is missing.

2) You dont quit, but spend the whole time with guilt hanging over you, which tends to ruin what would be a fantastic experience.

3) You dont quit, but you use that guilt and turn it around, and discover that actually the fact that youre sneaking around is  quite exciting, and gives you an extra thrill on top of the original huge turn on.

4) You dont quit, but learn to accept that this is you, and there is no need to feel guilty. Wifey will never know, and what she doesnt know wont hurt her. Besides, she’d want you to be happy.

Now lets have a look at these choices…option 1, not going to happen, is it.

Option 2, by all means go with this one, but kindly dont bang on to Me about how guilty you feel, you made your choice.

and finally options 3 or 4, or better still a little of both….the perfect solution to a happy fulfilled life.

Or of course there is option 5….do whatever Goddess Greed tells you to….as Im sure you all know by now, Goddess knows best…


Lastly, a short devotion from Daniel…

This morning I got up early in order to take my car in for its regular oil change. It had snowed all night; the road, the trees, and the landscape were covered white, a winter wonderland, a picturesque scene found in calendars. As I mused over all this natural beauty set before my eyes; I became cognizant of another image, more beautiful, more perfect than anything nature could produce – Goddess Greed. As I ruminated over her; joy filled my heart with the realization of how fortunate I am to serve such holiness. Let me, therefore, give thanks to my Goddess with tithes and offerings; let me worship her not with empty words of heathens; but with works that please her, and her alone.

Your Servant,







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