I put Blackmailed JOI up for sale a while ago now, and its sold extremely well…. Anyway, I decided to give you a treat today, by showing you a small preview…..   [local /wp-content/uploads/2013/01/BLACKMAILEDJOIPREVIEW.wmv]   For more details, and to buy the whole clip go HERE  Oh I have also just started a new page […]


Oh look, I havent posted a journal entry for 2 weeks now…you poor boys must be getting terribly impatient. Such a shame. So, whats to tell you…not much really. Im not sure you deserve to know too much right now…Im even considering making the majority of My journal posts pay to view. Thatll be fun…. […]

Guilt, and leaving speeches….

What an amusing morning. Ive always loved watching you slaves try to run, to escape, and then come crawling back…. but it is especially amusing when I watch you try to convince yourselves that youre leaving, and never coming back. Maybe you boys have ganged up on Me and have made New years Resolutions together….well, you’re failing […]

Happy New Year!

I have a feeling 2013 is going to be My year. How do I know that? Because every year is My year! Will it be your year too? Well that would depend on whether you decide to take that step and start serving the one and only Goddess Greed. This is the ONLY way your […]