Lots for Goddess……

Lots of tributes and gifts have been pouring in for Goddess……I LOVE Christmas!

£300 from worm….on his credit card…

£500 from J and another 500 on the way…..



$200 from My good boy…



$200 from My banking loser…plus he had a clip binge and spent another $200 ish



$100 from My little mexican freak…But freak, I am expecting more…



A camera and jewelry from kuk …



Useless bought some shoes…..



A couple of insignificant items bought from My wishlist from KD

Some of My favourite vodka and malibu from constable…

My Favourite champagne from thomas..



$1300 in kinkbomb tributes from My new slave…


Along with Oodles of other small gifts and smaller tributes not worth mentioning….

As we have another 5 days till Christmas yet I expect more, MUCH MORE….

Get to it boys….



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