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Stroke for Blackmail 

I so often have requests from worms and freaks like you saying that you would like nothing more than to become my slave.

And so i have made this clip to show you just how easy that can be.

Are you ready to take the journey into slavery?

TOTAL Slavery…

Good! Were going to go over the details, while you stare at My long legs in black patterned stockings

Watch Me stroke My legs as I talk….as you stroke…slowly at first…getting harder…faster…..


Spend on ME not wifey

Oh dear worm! you have let me down.

We are going to need to talk.

Its about wifey.

You seem not to fully understand your relationship with her and your relationship with me.

Clearly, I need to remind you of the ground rules

Before I begin you need to be in the right frame of mind.

The frame of mind where you fully appreciate what Goddess does for you.

So relax, take hold of your cock and stroke it gently as you listen to your Goddess…..


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