Shoe dirts Devotion

I have looked long and hard at myself I have a desire a longing to be under the control of a beautiful woman.

Fellow losers you like me will have searched far and wide for a woman who fits this burning desire to be controlled by a dominant lady.

Your hopes will have been raised then dashed, pretend ladies will have taken your money and left you empty and disappointed you will have been through this more than once.

Well your long search is over the answer is Goddess Greed, just look into her eyes she has got your pay your membership fee and watch her videos her voice is captivating as she talks down to you and you being to get that feeling of being worthless that we crave so much.

Goddess Greed’s dominant attitude just washes over you and you start to get excited at last to have found the one, so lets get down on our belly’s and slither along the floor kissing it as you go just because Goddess Greed has stepped on it.

Stop at her feet and beg her to let you live under her control, to give yourself completely to this lady she is most certainly the one.

I am just starting out on the road of servitude to Goddess Greed and my fellow losers so can you, she is the woman I dreamed I would always meet so why not join me at Goddess Greed’s feet where we can find what we are looking for.



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