J’s perfect day….

‘ Before you’d open your eyes, i would be hard at work….preparing your breakfast, your bath, your clothes for the day….I’d wake you at the desired time with gentle worship of my tongue on your clit, very softly…if you wanted me to complete,  i would otherwise i would follow you to the bathroom where i would have flower pedals in a drawn bath with candles, i’d clean your feet, your legs, soap your body and wash your hair. all with the gentle worship.

i would be there to massage your feet in the bath while you read the paper or made any calls. I would make sure that you were clean and happy. i’d have your breakfast ready for you to eat in your robe. I would make sure that your outfit was picked out and that your jewerly was ready.

if i picked a skirt you thought was too revealing maybe i would get a swift kick in the balls and a warning…

you would make me where a plug in my ass and panties under my clothes, as well as an electrical kit on my cock so taht underneath my clothes you’d have complete controll throughout the day

In the car on the way to the boutiques id massage and worship your feet

When we got to the store you’d make me sit on a chair knowing that would drive the plug deeper while i watched you try on shoes.

The sales clerk not understanding our relationship.

youd drop suggestions but nothing out of place for a regular conversation.

i’d follow you with bags of items for you as you shopped. just when i thought it was too much, you’d turn up the electrical current and watch me try to hold it together in apublic place.

youd whisper….we’re done when i say we’re done, i’m not the one with a plug in my ass wearing panties.

i’d nod and we’d continue to get more items at the shop.

after spoiling you with bags and bags, i’d take you to your favorite lunch destination.

i’d have arrange that your favorite bottle of wine be chilled and ready.

you’d order with the waitress and be turning the electrical currents on my cock

so that when they asked me what i wanted it would be difficult to answer.

you’d ask whats amatter J as you pressed your heel in my crotch under the table.

you’d excuse youself with your glass of wine and tell me to sit upright so the plug was sure to go deep.

after minutes of refreshing in the bathroom, you’d arrive with a glass of a slightly different shade than the chardoney, youd place it in front of me and take my glass for yourself.

youd cheers to us and then we’d drink..

you with the chilled wine, mine with goddesses most precious liquid.

as we were drinking, the waitress would come up and ask about the wine.

you’d drive your heel into my cock and i’d answer it was lovely…smiling.

after lunch id take you to the spa…

where i’d wait for you….facial, mani/pedi, body scrub.

afterwards, id take you to meet your girfriends for tea where you’d show off your new bags, shoes and talk about your lovely day.

i’d take you back to the house where i’d have your favorite music playing while i cooked your dinner.

you’d get me home have me kneel before you. you’d kick me as hard as you could in the crotch over and over for expecting to have sex with you, for being a pervert and drinking your fluids.

on the ground i’d be helpless and sore

you make get on all fours with the computer in front of me.

you’d take me with a strap on and make me tribute over and over.

you’d tell me all about your fantasies and what youd do with your tributes are you fucked me, then as i tributed the largest amount you ever received, you’d grab my cock from behind and we’d climax together.

i would draw you a candle lit bath and then get you into your robe and you’d close the door for the night….



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