The Correct Way To Approach Me

Every so often I receive an email from a slave that puts the rest of you to shame…..

I understand new slaves may want proof of who I am, with many fakes around these days its only natural you want to know youre sending your hard earned cash to Myself, and not a balding old man….but there are right and wrong ways to express your fears…

This is the correct way, learn from it.

Dear Goddess Greed,

You are the most beautiful creature and I really want to serve you as your financial slave and to work for your Majesty devoting my live and my income to you.

I want first to send you a tribute much bigger than the 12 USD I paid for the set of pictures and the 17 USD for 2 short movies – then to ask just once the simplest thing:

The only thing that I want to be sure is that I’m really serving you and not some smart guy or company who created your profile in NiteFlirt using the weakness of the people.

So if we would be able to meet in Skype just for a short conversation (after my first tribute) so I can see my Owner – my servitude will begin at once at will last as long as your majesty decides. Once your Highness accepts me as her devoted money slave I’ll never have my own will anymore so I cannot decide stopping my servitude. It will be your sole decision.

What is your opinion for that short conversation where you may instruct me how to be your better slave and how I should work harder in order to make your live luxury?

I’m not demanding anything!!! I’m not in a position to demand but as a loyal slave I should be convinced that my slave wages are going to the proper holy hands of your Highness and not to the hands of some crooks that are using your holy images to manipulate people.

On my knees!!

I’ll be waiting for your answer my Goddess

Slave i ”

slave then went on to buy several more clips and send a $500 tribute …

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