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Stroke for Blackmail  I so often have requests from worms and freaks like you saying that you would like nothing more than to become my slave. And so i have made this clip to show you just how easy that can be. Are you ready to take the journey into slavery? TOTAL Slavery… Good! Were […]

J’s perfect day….

‘ Before you’d open your eyes, i would be hard at work….preparing your breakfast, your bath, your clothes for the day….I’d wake you at the desired time with gentle worship of my tongue on your clit, very softly…if you wanted me to complete,  i would otherwise i would follow you to the bathroom where i […]

Busy Busy….

This last couple of weeks have been very busy. Busy with important things in My life, not you freaks…yet still the tributes come pouring in, even while Im hardly online. £200 from My little muslim loser. £400 from loser, to cover the petrol for the range rover £500 from jay, hes such a good boy…. […]