Begging to cum…

My little banker hasnt been allowed to cum for quite some time now…..

‘Oh God, Goddess, my hands are shaking just thinking about You. You have such a Control Over me. My little dick is hard as a pencil and my little balls are bursting. Please let me cum. i will be the best boy You have ever had. Please Goddess. Please.

Please Goddess. i beg You. You are Everything i Need in Live. Please give me this one small request.

Please Goddess. i have done everything You have asked of me. i know i was a bad boy earlier this week. But i have tried to make amends. And i have been been a Good Banker, Goddess. All of Your Money is in Order and ready to be Withdrawn. Please Goddess, let me cum.’

My little banker is still not allowed to cum.

I love My boys to have aching balls….and as weak as I can possibly keep them…..

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