Venus in Furs…..

Venus in Furs

One of my freaks was trying to explain to me how he had become such a disgusting little pervert, wanting to be dominated by a powerful woman, be beaten by her even.

He said it made him excited.

He said that he tugged his little maggot when he thought about it.

Yesterday he sent me this book. ‘Venus in furs’ it’s called.

It is about a pathetic little man called Severin and his Goddess, Wanda…..


The turn of the screw

Our arrangement has worked moderately well the past few months hasn’t it worm?

You have stopped going out the pub every night to see your silly friends and the money you have been

saving is sent to me each week.

Well I have decided it’s time for a review if our arrangement is to continue, a review of your financial



Another freak devotion from My new little banker…..

We are all losers. You wouldn’t be here {on the Devotion page} unless you were a loser.

Losers spend their money on internet porn, Dominant Women, Findommes, Humiliatrixes.

A Real Man does not do that.

He views pornography recreationally while He fucks beautiful Women.

Pornography isn’t recreation for us. It is an addiction.

To read the whole of this devotion click HERE 


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