Devotions and clips

Firstly 2 new devotions….

Kuks Devotion

It is hard to believe that this little game only started one year ago. Which was when Goddess told me that She likes to receive one big tribute, rather than a trickle of small ones. I already knew by then that Goddess ALWAYS gets what She wants.

We agreed that I would tribute Her with £ 4,000, which was roughly the amount I would tribute in the following year. Only to be paid in one lump sum, upfront. I took a loan at my bank.

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Worms Devotion 

Does nature provide our guide?

Throughout the Antarctic winter the male emperor penguin starves so that She can eat to Her heart’s content. What have i done for Her?

The male mantis follows his ultimate joy by allowing Her to gorge on his living body until She has had Her fill. i say allows, he has no choice, She would devour him anyway. Have i made it possible for Goddess to take what She wants; to take everything no matter how painful for me?

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New Clips 

Caught Masturbating Under Desk 

You managed to sneak under my desk and hide there, staring at my long legs and heels and masturbating, for a good 10 mins before you got caught you dirty boy….

but Im onto you now, and Im going to make you pay…



Spending on worms Credit Card

Today Ive been shopping…

You freaks know how much I love shopping…but this wasnt just normal shopping, this was shopping with worms credit card!

Mmmm it was SO good knowing I was taking it from worm! ha ha ha


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