Clips, photos and Idiots…

Firstly new treats for you to buy….

Aversion Therapy 

Well worm, I understand that you are still masturbating, masturbating as much as ever.

Is that right worm?

It really is a most filthy habit you know.

But then you are a filthy, little pervert.

Well today I am going to help you; help you take control of yourself and, most of all, help you control that cock of yours……


Photo Set 58 – Leg Freak Heaven

7 photos…. Red and black Dress, nude silky pantyhose clinging to My perfect legs, with the highest red heels…


Now for the IDIOTS

Hmmm who shall we start with, seems theres been quite few idiots lately that have insisted on pissing Me off.

Firstly before I go into that..let Me once again share My 2 very simple RULES

1) NEVER ignore Me…..

2) NEVER make promises of sending money, or say you have already sent, then run without sending. What happens then is you think youve won…which is always followed by Me showing you that actually no you havent, I always win….

Simple huh.

So who didnt follow My rules…

Mr Hong Kong, or the guy that spoke to Me today before running. You made one big mistake today, which you probably havent even realised, but it means youre now fucked, and I look forward to it immensely.

S*** M*****, (freak begged)  Im not sure if you really have lost your job, but in 24 hours Im going to call your company and check. I seem to remember warning you in the past about ignoring Me. If I dont hear from you very soon your details will be up here.

******K**** (loser pologised)of the canadian mounted police, did you think Id forgotten about your terrible manners last time we spoke….

I never forget silly boy…..

and I dont give a fuck that youre police, in fact that just makes it more fun!

I think thats all for now, but dont worry, if I havent mentioned you, and youve been a bad boy, your turn will come…

Your New Goddess….


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