Christmas Appeal

That time of year is fast approaching. A time for worms and freaks to think, not of themselves, but of others and, in particular, to think of those in greed. Not just those in any old greed but those in greatest greed; those for whom little luxuries, that make life much more pleasant, can prove […]

Begging to cum…

My little banker hasnt been allowed to cum for quite some time now….. ‘Oh God, Goddess, my hands are shaking just thinking about You. You have such a Control Over me. My little dick is hard as a pencil and my little balls are bursting. Please let me cum. i will be the best boy […]

Venus in Furs…..

Venus in Furs One of my freaks was trying to explain to me how he had become such a disgusting little pervert, wanting to be dominated by a powerful woman, be beaten by her even. He said it made him excited. He said that he tugged his little maggot when he thought about it. Yesterday […]

Devotions and clips

Firstly 2 new devotions…. Kuks Devotion It is hard to believe that this little game only started one year ago. Which was when Goddess told me that She likes to receive one big tribute, rather than a trickle of small ones. I already knew by then that Goddess ALWAYS gets what She wants. We agreed […]


As promised, a photo of Myself, and worms credit card which he sent Me a week or so ago…. You can buy the whole set of 23 photos, showing Goddess in red dress, black seamed pantyhose and heels, holding worms credit card in My Greedy hand…. and also a new clip, with Me showing another […]