Firstly a few tributes….

Loser sent his usual amount to cover the petrol I use in the range rover he bought….

Loser is so well trained, he knows exactly what to do when I hold out My hand on webcam…..

Then a lovely couple of surprise tributes dropped into My email last night as I relaxed


Nigel asked for forgiveness and to be allowed to come back and serve, after he thought he was clever running away…. ha ha ha

He has now offered his wallet and sent £500 cash which he took photos of before sending…its on its way to where it belongs, safely in My Greedy hands…


Dont you just love receiving money in the post….Oh silly Me I forgot, you dont….thats just Me!

…..and most importantly Kuks tribute of £5000. Thats right £5k…..all for ME!

Kuks such a good boy dont you think…..and he didnt even get to speak to me as he sent it as I wasnt available, but he sent it anyway, like the well trained puppy he is!

He actually sent just over 5k to make up for any charges I may get from an international transfer….

You see, always thinking of Me, and he knew Goddess wouldnt want any money taken out for charges!


I am supposed to be posting worms recent devotion as promised, only I seem to have lost it ha ha ha. Lets hope he still has a copy, as I rather liked it.

Talking of worm, he has a gift being sent to him any day now. I pair of My worn pantyhose….what a lucky worm he is!

I think I shall make a clip first of Me taking them off for him and popping them in an envelope…. and I will allow you all to buy that clip…and wish you could be worm…one day freaks, one day…..

Anyone thinking they deserve a treat like worms may email Me with their reasons…I could do with a good laugh….

No more time to write today, Im off to the stables, I have another new horse arriving in a week or so, so have to prepare!

Bye for now freaks and losers!

Oh I just found these photos from the stables….thought you might like them….


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