Lazy Weekends….

These past few weeks Ive been a very lazy Goddess at weekends. You all probably wait all week to hopefully get some free time at home to catch Me online, only to find Im more interested in spending time at the stables, or on the sofa with a bottle of something much more interesting than […]

Credit Cards and Devotions…

Yesterday I received a surprise gift from worm… a credit card in the post…. Later I will take photos….for now I think he deserves to have his devotion posted…. Worms Devotion ‘The email “Explosion in Kabul”, “EU commissioners to meet”. James bloody Naughtie. Is it tomorrow, today -already? God, I’m tired, it can’t be that […]

Its all about Me…

I often find Myself smiling as I drive to the stables in the morning, to enjoy the day with My horses, My dog…and the beautiful countryside that surrounds Me. I currently have 4 horses, all bought by freaks like you…all fed etc by freaks like you… This is My new horse Nel, bought by kuk […]


Hmmm I guess today Im a little bored, so have been looking around for something or someone to entertain Me…. Sooooo… Anybody recognise themselves? I think this may become a regular thing..ha ha haha. Maybe the photo will be a little less blurred next week….  

New Clips

Counting your Money One of My losers sent Me £5000 recently. In this clip I am counting £2000 of it….mmmm it looks so pretty, especialy in My Greedy hands, right where it belongs…..   Gift of Worn Pantyhose One of My lucky boys is having a pair of My worn pantyhose posted to him this […]