Never expect anything

ok needy freaks, its time for a telling off.

Ive had enough of freaks expecting.

Expecting anything. Expecting I should have replied to an email after a certain amount of time, expecting some form of attention…….expecting My fucking life revolves around you.

You get attention when I think you deserve it. You get attention when I can be bothered to give it to you.

You are LUCKY to get any attention ever from Me.

You should be GRATEFUL for a response to an email.

Your life should revolve around ME, MY wants and needs.

This is NEVER about you. I dont care if you want attention, humiliation. Your needs do not count.

So, stop being so fucking selfish and start thinking about the person that matters, ME…..instead of constantly thinking about that disgusting piece of meat between your legs.

Rant over….now go away and think of something useful you can be doing for Me.


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