Credit cards and slugs….

Nigel has read My previous entry, and now knows My Greedy hands are waiting for his credit card.

Im not sure he thought I was totally serious….

Good evening Goddess

Yes a bit of a dry mouth. You have indeed driven me to drink and after reading Your Journal post perhaps I should buy some more before I can’t afford it. Yes i said i was bored but not looking for that much excitement. No not awol.

Cunning ploy as well that putting it in Your Journal so everyone can see what You are planning for me. Offering a inducement, moreover, in the way of a photo set. i cannot deny the intense arousal caused by thinking about You having complete control over the spending. However, after a while, thought of the reality put a strong dampener on that. My summation: not a good idea – obviously too much sun lying in the field.

Now i dare say my reaction is not unexpected. So we go into round 2 perhaps?



Instead of emailing him his reply, I shall be emailing him to inform him his reply is here on My journal.


You said you were bored? I must have missed that!

Well all the more reason to have some fun with your card!

Of course the idea probably is a little scary, but it wont in fact cost any more than you already spend.

There has to be trust on both sides.

You need to trust that Ill spend the agreed amount per month, and of course Ill stick to that, I have everything to lose if I dont, you cancel the card and run away, I lose out on My weekly tribute.

I have to trust that youll firstly not cancel the card and make Me look silly when it gets refused in a shop, and also that you wont contact the credit card company telling them your card has been stolen!

Not that I think youre stupid enough to do either….

Anyway, I think itll be fun.

Youll know I can spend your money whenever I want…Ill email you to tell you what Im about to spend, or what Ive just spent, and youll have no control over it.

Youll only be able to log in to your account and watch the money being spent!

Doesnt that sound just perfect.

Plus youll also get the added pleasure of knowing youre the first slave to ever send a card, youll be such a special boy!

ha ha ha

I look forward to your reply

your Goddess

( ps you forgot to let Me know which photo set you want, your mind must have been elsewhere!)

Now for slugs….

Worm has made the clip which I loved! I will be editing it, and making it into a clip to sell, which Ill expect you all to buy…..

My email to Worm this morning….


I have just watched your slug clip, and I loved it!

Poor slug actually looked like he was having a great time sitting on your cock having a good look around ha ha ha ha

….and at one point Im almost sure I saw him laugh…probably at the size of your cock….


I shall get editing it later, and make it into a clip for other worms to buy….

your Goddess”

Off to the stables now, webcam will be on tonight some time.

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