Photos, webcam and freaks

2 new Photo Sets are available freaks, run and buy them….

Feet in the hay

32 Photos, bare legs and dirty feet in the hay….


Nude Pantyhose Feet 

19 photos, Short dress, Nude Pantyhose feet and legs


Will be on this evening HERE at around 630 pm.

Dont forget your wallet…..



Has been instructed to send Me a video clip of himself comparing the size of his little dicklet to a slug.

Im guessing Mr slug will win….

He did amuse Me last night though with this email…


i have just watched “The Slug” clip to remind myself how revolting it was and noticed the little bastard even crapped on my cock.

Is there no end to the ignominy that one must endure in Your service.

It crapped on my cock!!!!

i was too soft last night. Had i known, sluggy would have been first in the queue for a salt bath.

Good job i had a bloody good shower – the bastard.

Do i sound cross? Well i am.

Your disgusted little,


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!


Nigel is doing very well on his journey, and seems to have got over his very needy phase.

Dont forget you keep up to date by reading his journal devoted to Me HERE 

Ive also had a perfect idea (which he doesnt know about yet)….

Nigel send Me a set amount for My tribute weekly. He sends it through amazon gifts which I choose for him to buy…however I did mention to him that there’s only so many things you can buy from amazon, so we would have to look into other tribute ideas.

Well this morning as I sat in the garden drinking My tea, I had this fantastic idea.

I will be informing him this morning that he is to send Me a credit card, which I will spend the agreed amount on every month, then he will pay….. Perfect dont you think?

i wonder how perfect he’ll think the idea is….no doubt he’ll write about it in his journal…

Thats all for now freaks….

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