Brainless freaks..

(no, not you worm alf)

A couple of freaks have pissed me off recently.

Firstly H*** D**** from hyde.

Thought he was clever saying he’d sent amazon, then disappeared.

H****, if you dont reappear very soon with double what you said you were sending, Ill put up your full details….and then Ill contact your family.

Theres a good boy….

Oh and then theres Mr Allouba

He ordered gifts from My wishlist in exchange for My yahoo ID, and then cancelled them when he decided he didnt want to speak with Me after all.

When I emailed him informing him I had his details he laughed, saying I couldnt find out his details, and refused to reorder the gifts… Well smart ass….

14 Ghaza street


Giza 12411


Hows that? I guess Im the one laughing now huh?

Michael….youre next…

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