More Clips…

A True Goddess

A short 2 1/2 minute clip, telling you how easy it is for Me to get you do do exactly what I want, how I dont have to try hard…..Im just a Goddess




Boot Bitch 

Ah there you are boot bitch.

Waiting like a good boy to lick my boots clean after Ive been for my morning ride.

I know how you love to see to my boots, make sure theyre cleaned of all the mud and horse shit….ha ha ha well get licking bitch!

“OMG! the boots and jodhpur photos are to for. Simply superb! what a fabulous body that is enclosed by the tight riding outfit and boots”



Lastly a new Devotion post by Nigel

“Devotional for Goddess

Strange how we think we know what is best for us and then we meet someone special, in this case Goddess Greed, who shows us what we really need and helps us to attain it. For over five years i have been locked in a cycle of flitting between different sources of financial domination. Constantly seeking more extreme versions of control and sexual stimulation followed by a need to break free. In some cases direct and in others indirectly through erotic hypnosis. Yet, in every case my objective has been my needs and my desires, despite the idea of handing over control to another in truth it has all been about me. All the while i have been oblivious to the detrimental effect this has been having on my work. More and time spent on listening and watching recordings during work hours. None in the end providing the experience i desired. When i first approached Goddess Greed my intentions were just the same, another bit of fun, just another one to try. How wrong could i have been…..


To read the whole of the post Visit My Devotions Site

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