Burlesque and freaks….

Firstly a couple of photos from My night out on saturday….


I could have done with a little loser freak to follow Me around for the evening carrying My things, buying drinks and giving My heels a lick to keep them sparkly clean….unfortunately nobody was available….


Now onto worm alf….

My instructions to worm were to ‘hurt for Me’…he then used his own tiny worm brain to decide how he would do this…..

His worm brain may be tiny, but its not nearly as tiny as the little dicklet of his. You may have had to strain your eyes to see it hahahah

I love the part at the end where Im just sitting there smirking at him…

Anyone else want to try it? Cmon boys….go grab a big handful of stingers….

ha ha ha ha

Now Nigel…he has become incredibly sulky these last few days, due to Me not emailing him quite as much as he’d like…

So Ive recorded a message for him…

Click Here for Nigels Message

One more loser I want to mention is J.

J has been having therapy. I mean real therapy, not My therapy, although he would have been much better off going for My therapy.

Anyway, hes been having therapy to cure him of his addiction to being a disgusting, perverted freak. Sound familiar boys?

His addiction to Pro Dommes and online financial domination was getting too much for him, especially as he now has a new gf who he doesnt want to upset.

The new gf doesnt realise what a freak he is. She knows nothing of his perverted fantasies, or how he gets so hard when he hands over his money to Me.

So his therapist has been working hard with him to help him overcome this addiction, to stop all these vulgar thoughts, and to put an end to him spending thousands of dollars on ladies like Myself.

See how well hes doing…




ha ha ha

Thats all for now freaks…..


Look whats now on My PURCHASED list on My wishlist

Good boy Nigel…..






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