Freak treats….

Humiliation Task for small dicked losers Humiliation Task…. Compare the size of your tiny dicklet, youll find out what its to be compared with when you buy the clip! So get out that pathetic shrimp dick, and get ready to be humiliated….      Photo Set 57- Tight Jodphurs and Riding Boots 17 Photos of […]

Never expect anything

ok needy freaks, its time for a telling off. Ive had enough of freaks expecting. Expecting anything. Expecting I should have replied to an email after a certain amount of time, expecting some form of attention…….expecting My fucking life revolves around you. You get attention when I think you deserve it. You get attention when […]

Brainless freaks..

(no, not you worm alf) A couple of freaks have pissed me off recently. Firstly H*** D**** from hyde. Thought he was clever saying he’d sent amazon, then disappeared. H****, if you dont reappear very soon with double what you said you were sending, Ill put up your full details….and then Ill contact your family. […]