Pantyhose Idiot

Yesterday I had a webcam session on Adultwork with a pantyhose loser, who begged me to put on pantyhose for him.

I refused, as….well as I was feeling particularly lazy…..but I did allow him to watch My cam with the pantyhose that he wanted Me to wear draped over the cam, so he could only just see My shadow behind them. I then ignored him.

This gave Me an idea for a clip.

It seems there are quite a few pantyhose idiots as its already selling well…


Youve got My used pantyhose over your head, you can hardly see a thing, and Im ignoring you, but youre loving it arent you LOSER!

All you can do is strain to be able to get a glimpse of Me, and sniff My pantyhose while theyre clinging to your face….

hahaha poor idiot cant see much as I put on My make up, and then get changed, ready to go to the stables…..



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