Worm Alf

Worm alf is really quite useless. He buys all of My clips, and watches them daily, particularly the JOI clips, cum countdown etc, but is yet to master the art of cumming on command.

I say ‘art’, but its not really is it, just a little self control….but anyway worm alf doesnt seem to have any. He either cums before zero, or hes not quite ready at zero so has to start again.

Such a useless boy.

His email did amuse Me though, so at least his attempts are keeping Me amused…

Last night?

i had such high hopes of success. Wondering quite a lot about the problem i began to think that, because JOI clips usually finish so soon after countdown and i am left facing a black, blank screen, i was possibly subconsciously trying to avoid this by ending too soon. With your wonderful special clip You stay for a little while after the countdown and so that fear is removed.

You instructed me to watch “Teased to Ruin” and I saw both clips of this name, gazing at your long luscious, lustrous legs while You told me how pathetic i was and called me “worm”. Each time i hear you say that i experience a delicious shudder of abject sexual humiliation: scrumptious. i watched several more clips where i could look with awe at your thighs, such perfect shape. and then by way of penance i watched, and participated in, “The Luck of the Draw” and tried to strike harder than ever before. By then i was on a real high having savoured my three turn-ons: humiliation, Your legs – particularly Your thighs – and pain. i was ready……

Ive posted the rest of the email on My devotions site. Click HERE to read it.

I think the luck of the draw clip, plus lots of hot sauce is a suitable punishment….along with buying a gift from My wishlist worm

I hope tomorrow, you will report that youve been slightly less useless ….

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