Gifts and Legs….

Ive decided there are far too many lurkers getting a free ride here.

You were all given a chance to at least show a little willing by paying the journal tax that was added recently, but not enough of you are doing so. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

So, now Ive decided that alot of My posts will be passworded. In order to read the whole of the post you will have to BUY the password.

Cheap freaks will have to either get their wallets out, or fuck off somewhere else for their free wank material.

I am NOT here to keep you entertained.

My good boys will get the password free, If they ask very nicely, and site members will receive all passwords.

I dont very often get round to posting pictures of gifts, usually because Im far too lazy to bother taking the photos, so as a special treat I decided to take a couple….along with several photos of My legs in the new fishnet tights that nigel bought for Me

Buy the code here to read more…. Once you have purchased and entered the code the journal will appear as a normal journal entry everytime you view.


[password-protect]Along with many other gifts, Nigel bought these fishnet tights for Me


I think youll agree they look just perfect on My long legs…

Oh and more new shoes from Nigel…

…and new shoes from Mark

and perfume from another fan…

Receiving gifts from freaks makes Goddess very happy….

and when Im happy, you gain just that little more significance in My world…..

Keep trying harder boys….[/password-protect]


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