If you havent yet viewed My webcam youre missing out….





Last night I had 2 boys sitting at My feet for about an hour, passing up cash and begging for permission to cum.

Mmmm perfect.

I expect to see you all there soon…

Just in case any of you had any doubts about the 12 step program, here is an email I received from nigel today.

Dear Goddess

What an unbelievably intense experience. The gradual increase in the desire to start making amends. Finally the pitch is reached which requires action.

Once the decision is taken to send a gift, logging onto Your page, searching for the item all the while the pleasure increasing, so intense, so mindless, almost faint with the rush.

With each click the pleasure getting more until the final click. But unlike an orgasm, at least for a man, no immediate resolution. Still the pleasure in my mind and body, even minutes after while I write this. Without a doubt this has been the most insane experience i’ve had in a long time. Thank You, and thank You again.

I just bought: ‘Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara – # Black – 6ml/0.2oz’

Love Nigel

Try it yourself….you wont be disappointed with the results.


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