Pantyhose Idiot

Yesterday I had a webcam session on Adultwork with a pantyhose loser, who begged me to put on pantyhose for him. I refused, as….well as I was feeling particularly lazy…..but I did allow him to watch My cam with the pantyhose that he wanted Me to wear draped over the cam, so he could only just […]

Worm Alf

Worm alf is really quite useless. He buys all of My clips, and watches them daily, particularly the JOI clips, cum countdown etc, but is yet to master the art of cumming on command. I say ‘art’, but its not really is it, just a little self control….but anyway worm alf doesnt seem to have any. He […]

Gifts and Legs….

Ive decided there are far too many lurkers getting a free ride here. You were all given a chance to at least show a little willing by paying the journal tax that was added recently, but not enough of you are doing so. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. So, now Ive decided that […]

Nigels Therapy

Nigel is having an amazing journey. If you ever doubted My addiction therapy, or My power and seduction then read on. Nigel came to Me a few weeks ago, after viewing My Addiction Clips He explained that in the past he had served lots of Ladies, but soon got bored, as none had given him […]