More Ouchie…

I would advise if you have a weak stomach you dont look at the photos below ha ha ha ha

James has completed task 3…this one was fun.

Hi Goddess,

I done the task and have attached 3 photos as proof.

A detailed write up of the task is as follows:

I woke up yesterday morning feeling very horny and asked Goddess to give me a task that would hurt for days, something that would remind me of this task even when i am in vanilla mode.

Goddess came back and told me to put as many needles into my cock as i possibly could. Then remove them and carve her initials into my dick. Then pour hot sauce into the wound. We agreed that if i did not do the task by tuesday my personal info would be exposed on her website. I would then have to pay a large fee to have the info removed. so i had to do the task well or be exposed, do the task again and pay to have the info removed. no -not paying to skip the task or paying not to be exposed, so i had to do a good job or else.

i have read Goddess blog and she is not someone to mess with. You only have to google the names of some of her blackmail victims to see that if you end up on her blog, you WILL end up somewhere near the very top of the google searches along with some very embarrassing details. anyone searching for you on facebook, twitter, etc etc would no doubt be reading about your perverted fantasies. Although the fantasy is very exciting the reality could genuinely ruin your whole life.

so i woke up this morning and felt a bit more apprehensive than yesterday when i asked for the task. it had to be done today as i would not be able to do it tomorrow. I went to the local shop and bought a pack of needles. The problem i had though was i did not know what Goddess would consider to be acceptable. I therefore pierced a total of 36 needles through my cock shaft.

It bled a bit and sometimes i had a lot of trouble getting the needles to pierce the skin. However, being the sick freak i am, the more it hurt and bled the more turned on i was. I run out of room eventually to put anymore in ‘safely’ as i had already narrowly missed a few veins.

My cock was feeling very sore but i couldn’t wait to carve Goddess initials into the shaft. I removed the needles one by one, some of which were a bit bloody. It only then dawned on me that i would be carving Goddess initals into an already very sore area. i am sure Goddess had thought of this when she set the task and this encouraged me to go to suffer carving Goddess initials in.

Again i was aware that Goddess needed to be satisfied with the result so i went to work and ended up with 2 big G’s on my shaft and again, quite a bit of blood. I’m ashamed to say it but again i was very turned on by this.

I then immediatley went to the bathroom, placed my cock on the sink basin and poured a load of tobasco sauce into the wound… Within seconds my excitment turned into unbearable pain as i desperately tried to rub it off. I was not in any sort of head space at this point, just pure agony.

Eventually the pain wore off. my cock is sore and i hope it remains that way for a few days. i have Goddess initials carved into my shaft and i think their maybe some slight scarring. usually when i ‘play’ i feel ashamed afterwards and wish i had normal fantasises, however, having Goddess initals in my cock is going to be a constant reminder of what a freak i am. i also have a long term partner who i need to hide my cock away from for the forseeable future. Its worth it though if Goddess Greed is amused by it.



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