Full Version of the Addiction Series….

Addiction 12 step program FULL VERSION
40 mins of pure perfection. I will take you through My version of the 12 step program, helping to see the error of your ways in the past, helping you to overcome your addiction to financial domination and taking you from that cold dark place, into a new fulfilled life. By the end of the clip you will be cured. This Clip is all of the previous 12 step program clips in one. Watch My long pantyhose clad legs, in heels and several different therapist outfits, as I smile that knowing smile that you cant get out of your head….
‘English Goddess Perfection! Beautiful, stunning, sexy,Intelligent!!! She will weave her hypnotic spell to make you see your salvation and purpose to a better life is to serve her!’



2 freaks have amused Me in the last couple days…. Firstly Mr Boring.



Im not sure if you can tell by this photos exactly how boring he is, so let Me enlighten you a little…

Hes an attention freak.

He loves nothing more than to be asked questions about himself.

He insists over and over that hes ‘fun’ …which only leads Me to believe that hes trying his hardest to convince himself of this.

He also insists that he never married as hes always been too busy out having fun with various different Ladies, Im betting its more like hes always too busy masturbating over internet porn.

And lastly…he wants Me to like him. Can you believe that? Ha ha ha ha ha

Then theres andy….

Andy refuses to tribute, but is battling with not knowing if I have his info and will at some point expose him to the world.


Oh dear…poor andy….and as I type this he’s still whining on My messenger *sigh*

On a much prettier note, I have new favourite shoes, I LOVE them.

Id tell you who bought them, but hes not earned journal privileges just yet.


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