More Ouchie…

I would advise if you have a weak stomach you dont look at the photos below ha ha ha ha James has completed task 3…this one was fun. Hi Goddess, I done the task and have attached 3 photos as proof. A detailed write up of the task is as follows: I woke up yesterday […]

Devotion from Nigel

Dear Goddess Fickleness is a characteristic of many of us. Forever scouring the Web for new experiences either through boredom with what we have or a genuine fear that we are getting too entangled with someone. Then we happen across a video clip or a photograph which catches our attention. So it was with me, […]

Will you ever learn…

You may remember the photos I had up in My previous post ( which have now been taken down after Mr Boring paid). You see Mr Boring was asked to buy Me a gift. With this he disappeared. Silly boy. So today Mr Boring reappeared … 13:23:43 spoilsnycwomen: hello 13:31:47 thegoddessgreed: yes? 13:32:23 spoilsnycwomen: hhow […]

Clips…and nettles.

Firstly 2 new clips…go buy…. Addiction – 12 Step Program, Parts 11 and 12 (final parts) As we approach the end of your therapy you should now be feeling a strong urge to serve, obey,and worship Myself Goddess Greed, and only Me. You should have recognised your addiction, and accepted that by spending time and […]


Non members webcam will be on tonight at around 7pm (UKtime) It will be pay per minute at adultwork. Click HERE to get to My adultwork profile. You will then see ‘webcam via directcam’ about halfway down the page under contact. When Im online youll have a choice when you click, to enter group chat, […]