My Birthday in 10 days, and I expect alot.

Keep your eye on MY WISHLIST  over the next few days as Ill be updating it with lots more lovely things for you all to buy.

I am also looking into booking a holiday for June, I will expect that to be paid for…along with Royal Ascot that I will be attending.

Lots for you boys to get to work on….remember freaks, you only exist to please Me….

While youre pondering over what gift to buy Me, why dont you pop your wallet in your mouth and buy some clips like a good boy.


I am your secretary….and I have something I need to chat to you about…you see the other day, I came back to the office unexpectedly….and guess what I saw? hahahaa Hmmm…now, I could do with a little pay rise…or even a large pay rise!




Step 3 of your Addiction therapy.

Now focus on My legs. Ive noticed you trying not to look…its fine. focus on the way I slowly run My fingers up My pantyhose….

The moment you make this decsion, to totally surrender, and give all to Goddess Greed…is the moment your addiction becomes no longer an addiction, but a purpose, a joy, a new way of life.



Step 4 of your therapy…

Its time to accept all the bad things, accept that you are weak and pathetic…but that you are good at being weak and pathetic!…….you may even get a treat at the end of this recording.


Greeds pet is such a good boy.

He never bothers Me, apart from very occasionally when he messages to tell Me how much hes enjoyed a clip… he just quietly worships. Perfect.

Here is his Devotion.

I saw Goddess Greed on youtube for the first time in a preview of the Punishment time’s clip.

Listening to her voice, her evil smile, her amazing blue eyes and seeing her touching her divine legs in pantyhose made me feel the need to view more.

I bought the clip and enjoyed it a lot.

I thought it would be a fast addiction which would end in some days as often, but I was wrong.

I kept buying more clips, feeling the need to see more and more.

My favourite is the Addiction 12 steps program, it helped me to understand what’s happening to me since some years and accept the submissive part of me.

It was as Goddess Greed knew me since long time.

I often wake up during night and think of her.

I buy her clips without thinking of anything.

I know that if you enter her world, you will go in a special trip.

Never try to resist, the addiction to Goddess will grow more and more and it will bring you back to her.

Just accept it, work hard to please her and you will live an amazing trip to the highway to pleasure.

Serving a Goddess is a life style, I don’t know if I can be a good pet, but I know my life will never be the same.


Oh WEBCAM will be on this evening, around 730pm UK time… for pay per minute viewing HERE 

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