I first met bigshot 3 or 4 weeks ago.

He approached Me and told Me he was currently serving another Mistress from a certain website….a website that dealt only with phone, and strictly no webcam. On looking at this website I realised from the model like photos, that silly bigshot had probably been chatting with 72 year old Ethel, while she cleaned the house.

I told him he would no longer be serving Ethel, and from now on his money belonged to Me…

Bigshot sent Me his first devotion post yesterday.


‘I am a new freak for Goddess Greed. I am young, with a good job, and lots of potential to meet beautiful women. Because Goddess commands it, I know longer look or even think of other women. All my thoughts and energy goes to Goddess. I have come to a realization that Goddess has taken full control over my life.

Goddess is very smart. You see when I first met Goddess, she knew everything I was doing on her site and by that had made a general assessment of me. Her first words describing our young relationship were “I think we are going to get along just fine”. I had told her I was a very obedient boy and that I was also serving another mistress which had strictly forbidden masturbation. It was a Sunday morning and I haven’t came since that Monday. She was happy that I found her website and said that my old mistress wasn’t doing her job by letting me stray. She also said that I needed to leave that mistress because I will now be serving her. She also said that the masturbation rule remains the same and definitely no cumming.

Goddess then turned on the cam and made me watch her stroke her legs while she texted her friends. She would pause for a moment in between the texts to make me give my money. Which is now Her money. Then had to prove to her how much money I had,which was not much at the time but I was due for a paycheck that Friday, I sent her a screen shot of my bank balance. I saw an evil smile in her face and she “give me all of it!”. I pleaded w/ her and told her I still needed to buy groceries for the week. Her response was “rice is cheap and water is free”. After some begging I then said “yes Goddess” and gave her the remaining balance in my account. Hoping to be allowed to cum she said I haven’t earned it yet and told me to go figure out how I’m going to survive the week without food. I was able to last what I still had in the fridge…

It’s been about 2-3 weeks and I have yet to cum for Goddess and have no idea when she will let me. I just keep recieving a stern “No!” whenever I ask. At least for now, I am allowed the stroke her cock for only a few seconds at a time. Before I spend money I consult with her. She decides what bills I pay and how the money is spent…and so far its been mostly on her. I will skip the cable bill this month and was only allowed a $50 grocery budget, when I usually spend about $100-$150, so that more money is available for her.

Although, this is exciting I know it is only the very beginning of my new life….

Then she somehow got me ‘


Since then he has been allowed to cum… cost him of course, as it will every time.

I think bigshot is going to be a very good boy for Me…

One thought on “Bigshot

  1. Hey Mr bigshot, don’t you know your fu*ked

    Hey Mr bigshot, Goddess will take all you’ve got!

    Hey Mr bigshot, you better sell your car!

    Hey Mr bigshot, but Goddess makes it all worthwhile.

    mr bigshot, welcome to the rest of your life


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