Addiction Step 4

Step 4 of the 12 step program was put on hold, as I was rushed to hospital just over a week ago….but all is well now, and Im back to fuck with your minds and wallets…

Step 4- Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves:

Its time to accept all the bad things, accept that you are weak and pathetic….you may even get a treat at the end of this recording.

If you havent recently listened to the previous steps I would recommend you listen to them all to refresh your mind….

Oh and just in case youre undecided about buying this, or any of My clips/Mp3s, here is some recent feedback

Now I need to concentrate on getting motivated and busy….. Ive so missed the whimpers of a loser as he watches the contents of his wallet disappear….

I will update journal again very soon, while youre waiting….


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