You may have noticed the new webcam notice at the top of the home page. This will inform you freaks whenever My webcam is on…keep your eye on it. I have also changed the details on the webcam page…click here and go check that out. Non Members webcam will be on this evening around 7pm […]

Meet your Therapist…

25 amazing photos of your new therapist, based on the ‘Addiction 12 step program’ series… silky blouse, tight black skirt, nearly black pantyhose, and shiny black court shoes….. leg freak heaven!    Also the final steps of ‘Addiction’  are ready to buy…. After you have listened to this recording your addiction will be cured, and […]

Silly boys…

******* managed to piss me off today…. Isnt he a silly boy? You see sometimes, when allowed to cum, you boys turn into selfish, disobedient idiots, and then you must be punished, Its the only way to keep you in line…. Once again I WILL NOT BE IGNORED. Simple rule, tho lots seem to get […]


I first met bigshot 3 or 4 weeks ago. He approached Me and told Me he was currently serving another Mistress from a certain website….a website that dealt only with phone, and strictly no webcam. On looking at this website I realised from the model like photos, that silly bigshot had probably been chatting with […]

Poor Unsuspecting Wifey…

Do you find yourself sneaking around behind wifeys back, calling sex lines, paying Ladies such as Myself….masturbating over photos and clips ha ha ha ha She doesnt have a clue does she!…and I love to take money from you that should be spent on wifey, so I have a task for you loser…. Tonight while […]

Addiction Step 4

Step 4 of the 12 step program was put on hold, as I was rushed to hospital just over a week ago….but all is well now, and Im back to fuck with your minds and wallets… Step 4- Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves: Its time to accept all the bad things, […]