Kuks Visit..

And finally the day came…. and I traveled to Goddess’ hometown to meet Her. I had woken up in the morning feeling like a nervous wreck, but already early in the morning Goddess texted me to see how I was doing, and calmed me down with Her words.

And then lunchtime came, and I got to meet Her. It was an amazing experience. To see Goddess in the flesh provides a new dimension to Her beauty and charm. I could literally feel the energy coming out from Her; it was electrifying. In addition, Goddess is a real Lady (and that was no surprise of course):

She behaved so graciously to me all the time. Goddess in person is classy, soft-spoken, witty, even more so as you can tell from chatting sessions. She was accompanied by a female friend, as She had told me. I had thought this could be a little awkward, but of course Goddess knew better.

Her friend is a very charming young Lady herself, and her presence did not make me uncomfortable at all, and I was pleased and honoured to be able to offer lunch to such charming Ladies. We had a very relaxed and enjoyable lunch, with a few drinks, and I enjoyed every second of it.

Then, by the time I left, Goddess, always true to Her word, allowed me to slip Her shoes from Her divine feet (She had another pair of shoes in Her car) and gave them to me as a present. They are here next to me as i write and I will cherish this present for ever. The difficult time came after Goddess left… my trip back to my hotel was almost two hours, and feeling Her shoes in my lap made me very impatient. Finally, once I got to my hotel, after what seemed an eternity to me, i had the most wonderful time with Goddess’ shoes…

I hope that Goddess will allow me to meet Her again in the future, and i am extremely grateful to Her for the opportunity She gave me today. kuk






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