Kuks Visit

‘Goddess is granting me the great honour to meet Her in person this coming Friday. She asked me to write a devotional about this, which makes perfect sense… it is, indeed, a very special event and I should acknowledge Goddess’ generosity: She is going to devote some of Her precious time to…. me!!!! I am of course very grateful to Goddess for this, and very excited at the idea of being in Her presence.

However, I must admit that I find it hard to put my feelings in writing. So many thoughts battle in my mind, and my heart starts racing every time I think of my forthcoming meeting with Goddess. Yet, at the same time, I feel a strange calm; I am sure I will be tremendously nervous on the day, probably Goddess will get to meet a shaking, sweaty-palms little man, stuttering a bit on his first words (hope this doesn’t put Her off too much).

But that is for that day. Now, as I said, I feel serenity, and happiness. I am going to meet the Goddess I have served for a long time, and who has turned around my life in the last year, taking the driver’s seat and steering my actions and my decisions. Meeting Her is a dream come true, and the coronation of this period of my life. And, last but not least, I feel extremely proud of myself. I know that Goddess does not allow just anyone to come close to Her. I had to deserve this privilege through hard work and sacrifices. Devoting life to Goddess is extremely rewarding, but it comes at a cost. However, I have always felt it was worth it, and now this meeting comes as an incredibly valuable bonus.

Thank You Goddess. Thank You for allowing this to happen, this dream to come true.



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