You may have noticed a couple of changes to My website the last few days.

Firstly the Gallery has gone.

It was an unnecessary luxury that you didnt deserve. There are plenty of photos of My perfect self on the website in general, and the journal…I dont provide this site for useless lurkers to use just the gallery for a quick wank. Get over it.

Also the webcam page has changed for now, it may change back, Im playing around with things. Make sure you read the instructions on the new page. Theyre written especially for idiots to understand so you shouldnt have any trouble. There is also a schedule there for you to be able to find details of the next webcam sessions.

Now a little news….

Kuk is visiting London next friday. Ive allowed him the privilege of meeting up with Me for lunch. Isnt he a lucky boy.

He will be providing lunch and drinks for Me and a female friend, and a cash tribute, and as a special treat he gets to take with him the shoes that I will be wearing…the shoes that he bought for Me  a few months ago. Hes so excited!

Ive asked him to write a devotional post before and after the meeting. Look out for them!

Oh I totally forgot to post this photo when I took it a couple weeks ago….I love it.

It reminds Me of what My best friend says to Me quite often… ‘Theres an evil streak in you Cruella!’ hahahahaa

I have lots of wonderful ideas for new clips, sites etc etc in My mind…I just need to find time to make them happen. There are simply not enough hours in the day, for Horses, Shopping AND taking money from losers….

I do however have a couple of new photo sets for sale:

Perfect Feet 

19 Photos of My perfect, pretty feet, so close you can almost smell them….


Tight Jodhpurs and Riding Boots

39 perfect photos, Myself wearing skin tight Riding pants, and My new Riding boots bought by a loser like you… My boots need a clean while youre down there loser, get licking!


Run and buy them while they last….IDIOT!   Hahahahaa

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