Christopher Shone….

Chris Shone is a bit of a weirdy.

He has a little trouble telling fantasy from reality, and I think possibly he really believes that hes in media, and doesnt really work in Sainsburys.

Anyway, a few days ago he was a very bad boy.

I knew it was coming, but I guess maybe I was hoping he’d fuck up. I havent had a reason to fuck with someones life for such a long time…..till now.

You see christopher pretended to buy £800+ items from My wishlist….knowing he didnt have the money in the account and the order wouldnt go through…. I dont think sainsburys dummys get paid much these days….

Sooooo, what happens now. Well Christopher was given a chance to pay what he owes…he FAILED.

…..and now I get to spend some time fucking up his life, totally…… Oh what fun!

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