Scared boys

I love it when boys run….it amuses Me so, plus I know theyll always be back…

Heres a perfect example which made Me giggle this morning…

jay:  the dome i saw, wants me to go back and be her cuckold

Me: I hope you explained to her that you cant

jay: im afraid to go

Me: well dont

Me: save your money for Me

Me: you know it makes sense, she only corrupts you

jay: i dont think i could handle what she wants

jay: for me suck…u know

Me: exactly, you need to stay away from her

Me: shes not good for you

Me: in fact once I have control of your bank accounts you wont be able to go

Me: that will help

jay has signed out. (02/03/2012 08:21)

hahahaha poor jay. He’ll be back in a day or 2, telling Me hes missing Me….and Ill probably take another £500.

The bank accounts?…..Hmmm…….


Oh today Im going to aim to get some photos especially for foot freaks….that includes you alame.

Look out for them….

The new clip is also up for sale now, run along and buy it in time for the weekend boys, and lets have some fun!

The Drinking Game 


Does drinking make you do compulsive irrational things loser? Does the idea of a woman taking advantage of you while in an alcohol altered state arouse you freak? Do you feel generous when youre shitfaced? If you answered yes, then this will be the perfect therapy for you….


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